Friday, September 10, 2010

Second Job

So, I took the plunge and have possibly gotten myself a second job. We are going to see how well I take to it tonight then we will be going from there. :3 With luck I will be working Saturday and Sundays with possible nights if needed. Provided traffic and travel time isn't a problem.

I am terrified of jinxing myself.

I also forgot, in all my giddy happiness, to ask what the uniform was. Even with minimum wage this is going to help a lot. Saturday is almost 14hrs so that will be interesting. I should be fine as long as there isn't the lull of doom. I might be a little too happy/bouncy for this but who knows? The owner is very nice and understanding.

And I really don't know why my mom said "Don't try and take over the coffee shop. At least wait until your more secure." I'm really not like that. I will admit that if she offered me full time at my current rate I would jump at it.

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