Friday, September 3, 2010

What to do?

While looking at placement adds for New York City (the main city I would like to live in) it occored to me that I would have to pay rent while I'm out there. I thought 'ok, no big deal. How much could it be?' so I wasn't all that worried. I know people out there and they have said they would put me up for a month or so.

So I did a little math.

A studio, just you, in a decent area would run about $2000 a month.
$200 for food
$300 utilities + cable + cell/blackberry
$350 current car payment
$350 parking garage
$100 car insurance
$100 fun money
$90 gas

That's $3,190 a Month or $38,280 a Year. So I would have to make at least $40k a year after taxes to survive and have something saved up incase of an emergancy. Even knowing my numbers are higher because I'm not sure what the utilities would be, this is still a good punch to the gut.

Rehashing the numbers I took out the parking ($34,080yr). Then the cars payments ($29,880yr). This is assuming that I can park on the street and don't have to get my car  Which gave me a much better number. Until I looked at the average pay for someone like me ($20,000 - $45,000yr).

As of right now I don't have very much saved up. I defiantly do not have enough to attempt to move to the city. Maybe if my family put me up for half a year I could make ends meet but do not want to do that to them. To successful I think I would need at least $10,000 - $15,000 in the bank. Unfortunatly right now there is no way I can save up that kind of money at my current job and with my car payments. My job is the harder part to fix, no one is hiring right now for my job position. My car payments will be done in three years, so that's right out.

Right now, assuming I stay at my current job, it will probably take 6 years to save up what I need. That is a long time and I will be 34 years old. This is not a happy thought. Perhaps if I skip out on family trips I could shave a year off that total... maybe if I got a second job I could save more faster. I'll have to look into it more.

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