Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Credit Card Debt

I have one Card that has an insane interest rate.
I have another Card that has a really low rate.

After cruising the lower rate site I found that I can transfer the balance from the one card to the better company with the better rate. 0% for 12 months and then around 16% after that.

Guess what I plan on doing?

If you have a credit card that has an insanely high rate, check out the other companies. Call them and ask questions. What rate will you get on sign-up? How long will you get that rate? What will that rate change to? These are just a few to ask, but you will think of more as you talk with them.

After going over all your options, see if you are still interested in transferring your balance. It is possible that you already have the best rate you can get. If you don't, then transfer your balance to the new card.

It seems a lot harder then it is. But all this will cost you is some time well spent.

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