Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little advice from family

So over the New Years holiday my cousin and her husband took me out to lunch. They then asked me a bunch of questions about my job and if I would be moving to the city. This turned a good chunk of lunch into me letting everything out. It felt very good and I got a good deal of information from them.

The first was that even if I took a week in the city I would probably not be able to find a job in that time frame. Let alone be hired that fast. Even if I went through a hiring agency it would still take time. She also finally gave me the name of the hiring company that she knows and deals with. She said to call this one woman there and to drop her name. Because it's always who you know to get your foot in the door. This is the place that she sent her sister to as well.

But when she said I would probably have to live in the city for a month and need to have a few thousand dollars saved up is what made me worry.

That started a conversation about my current financial standing. And my mom.

She recomended going to the library and checking out some books by Suzy Orman. Her website is amazing. I have only poked around the resorce tool section so far but I will definatly check out her book from the library.

Then my cousin told me I needed to find a nice way of telling my mom to get the hell away from my finances. She was even more adamant about this after hearing the full story about why there had been a race to move out with my sister. This led into the whole college situation and ended with me really needing to sit my mom down for a talk. Which I am totally not looking forward to.

So, while not the best thing to talk about over the holidays it did give me a great out look for the coming year.

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