Thursday, January 20, 2011

Job Hunt Update

So Monday morning I got a call from a company. They were all happy and nice and then when I asked what city they were in they told me they were in New York City.

Ok. . .

I had stopped applying to jobs in New York City about a month ago. From what few responses I did get no one was looking to hire remotely for my qualifications. I figured until I was ready to move out there that there was no reason to waste peoples time. So I politely and nervously explained this to the person and they were all 'when will you be in the city?'

I answered this poorly and said I didn't know. So if this wasn't them looking for just an interview I royally screwed up. Live and learn is a painful way to go.

The good news is that I now know what a possible wait time could be in New York City for a response. I never expected it to take that long. How ever it did re-enforce the belief that no one actually pays attention to cover letters.

I need to look up the email I sent them so I can try and send a thank you letter to them.

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