Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Revelations in the Planning Department

If I wanted to move to California I would have to do the same planning that I have done for New York City. The only difference is I would have to factor rent into my math. i have no idea who would rent a room to me for a few months. Let alone how to go about it.

And I have no intention of wrecking a friendship just to have a place to stay. She did that once for me before and I bailed. I will not do that to her again. Plus the more I think about this the more it feels like a bad idea.

Actually, I'm starting to talk myself out of the idea as I type this.

Maybe I should hold off on planning anything until I hear from the college. I wish the college would just tell me if I was accepted or not. Especially since they had me ask the government for money already. The school is supposed to be really good so I really would like to attend their bachelors program. Uhg.

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