Monday, March 7, 2011

College and Choices

So, I never thought about what would happen if I didn't get accepted into this new college that  I want to go to. I have/had no contingency plan at all for the possibility of a what if scenario.

But at least I now have the start of one.

Provided I do not get accepted I should take my two weeks of vacation time and go to NYC or San Fransisco to job hunt. I start calling agencies and applying 2 weeks before I leave with all the nice contact info in my cover letters along with when I will be in the city.

The main problem with going out to San Fransisco is that I will have to rent a car and force myself onto my one friend that lives there. And if I find a job? I have no idea what I would do for living accommodations. I would be SOL. I would have to drive my car there with it packed with things I would need. I would be in debt up past my eyeballs.

If I went to NYC I could stay at my sisters and ride a bike/use mass transit to get around. Then if i was hired I could jump around and stay with family until I could get my own place. I don't know what I wold do about my car.

I think now would be the time to unload some of my beading supplies onto the internet. I won't get what I initially paid but it should help in the long run. Oi... planning sucks.

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