Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Voice of Reasion

So... Even though I said I would be calm I wasn't. I sent a few panicky Facebook messages to my friend in CA and then a few more apologizing to her. She called today and we talked and I'm pretty sure that she rolled her eyes at me a few times. She also laughed at me. This is a good thing.

First she nixed the idea of me getting a hotel room. She also think renting a car would be a waste of money but she agrees that it would give me more options to get to possible interviews. She defiantly thinks it's about time I moved to a new city.

She is very reasonable, my friend.

She is going to e-mail me when she finds out which month would be the best month to go out there. She is doing this ASAP because the gas rates are making the price of airfare skyrocket. This way we will be able to have the most time to go do stuff. And if I happen to find a job while I'm out there? Even better.

This puts me in a position were I have to have a plan. I admit I like this and ironically it calms me down a bit. Digging through my finances is going to be fun... ick.

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